WITS Committees (approved by board 9/14/12)

Advocacy: Work for the improvement of business conditions in the interpreting and translating industry by participating in the following activities pursuant to what is permissible under IRC 501(c)(6):

  • Present and promote information, trade statistics and group opinions to government agencies and bureaus.

  • Promote the common business interests of WITS members. Attempt to influence legislation germane to the common business interests of WITS members.

  • Post interpreter/translator job openings on the website.

To join please contact chair: Kenneth Barger

Board Development/Nominations/Elections: Created on an as-needed basis to:

  • Identify and solicit candidates for future boards
  • Certify WITS members named as candidates for the board of directors
  • Prepare, mail and tally ballots
  • Announce the winners of elections

To join please contact president: Nancy Leveson

Membership: Solicit and recruit members by performing the following activities:

  • Create and distribute WITS brochure detailing the benefits of WITS membership
  • Identify and invite groups or individuals who might benefit from joining WITS
  • Meet with local liaisons in different geographical areas to discuss issues of interest in each region and keep them informed about WITS activities.

To join please contact chair: David Neathery

Newsletter: Work with the newsletter editor and our sister organization NOTIS to help in the production and mailing of the newsletter and any other publications generated by WITS. Major activities include:

  • Solicit and gather articles and other materials of interest to WITS members
  • Assist in design and layout of the newsletter
  • Provide proofreaders
  • Help fold and mail the newsletter

To join please contact editor: Kathryn German

Outreach/Public Relations: Interact with the general public as well as specific groups by conducting the following activities:

  • Encourage conventions of national and state organizations related to interpretation and translation and language access by making arrangements for necessary facilities, services, and administrative support
  • Educate requestors and users of interpreter and translator services
  • Disseminate interpreter and translator career and industry information.
  • Increase public awareness of language access issues.

To join please contact chair: Christina Woelz

Programs: Plan, arrange and conduct Continuing Education workshops and social gatherings for WITS members by:

  • Actively identify and pursue potential continuing education providers or opportunities
  • Advertise the events in different mediums
  • Organize the setting up, catering and clean up of these events
  • Register participants before and on-site
  • Coordinate events with certifying bodies such as AOC, DSHS and ATA and other professional organizations such as NOTIS and NAJIT
  • Assist in obtaining recognition for Continuing Education Credits by certifying bodies

To join please contact co-chairs: Alicia Lanzner and Louise Morehead

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