Yakima’s DUI Workshop a Success!

By Suzanne Reid

On Saturday, June 22nd , WITS presented a DUI workshop in Yakima, Washington.  We were honored to have two DUI-related experts: Attorney Kip Kendrick of Kendrick & Malane and Officer Sean Boyle, representing the Yakima Police Department.

Mr. Kendrick, considered to be an authority on DUI defense, spoke on DUI laws and the life of a typical case, including the various issues and defense options.  His presentation was beautifully and professionally done. We especially enjoyed the question and answer period where we were able to appreciate Kip's sense of humor.  Kip also provided a wonderful glossary, which will be a valuable supplement to the WITS glossary. The glossary describes an acquittal as “a rare and wonderful thing” – another example of Kit’s refreshing humor! 

Officer Boyle, certified as an expert on drug recognition, has received numerous commendations on DUI cases from various organizations, including MADD.  His presentation focused on DUI and drug use assessment during traffic stops. He described in great detail the procedures for field sobriety tests, BAC samples, etc. He also brought goggles which simulated an inebriated person’s perception and suggested that several of the attendees use them while performing the field sobriety test. Needless to say, it was quite amusing to watch our colleagues stumble around! Officer Boyle provided wonderful study materials, including arrest forms, which will prove to be valuable resources. 

This was the first workshop WITS has held in eastern Washington for some time.  Due to its success, we plan to do significant area outreach and look forward to hosting other workshops as the interest warrants.

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